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Seaview CloudStone/Wonderscape 24in Aquarium Double-sided Background BGCLD6-24

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Available 185
Condition: New
Type: Background
Water Type: All Water Types
Brand: Seaview


Seaview CloudStone/Wonderscape 24” Aquarium Double-sided Background BGCLD6-24


Seaview aquarium backgrounds add that touch of beauty to your aquatic wonderland. Available in either solid color or vibrant backdrop, these backgrounds are sure to please. Each sheet is reversible, with intense variations on each side.

Sizes available:

12” 18” 24” – height

24” 30” 36” 48” 60” 72” – length


The Seaview backgrounds can be attached to your aquarium using tape. It is recommended, however, to use , sold separately.

Note: Height includes white barcode approximately ½ inch high that runs the entire bottom length of the background. It is recommended that you order a background size slightly larger than your tank so you can cut it down for a perfect fit.

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