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Two Little Fishies AquaStik Red Coralline Epoxy Putty for Aquarium 114g (4 oz)

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Condition: New
Water Type: Marine
Brand: Two Little Fishies


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Two Little Fishies AquaStik Red Coralline Epoxy Putty for Aquarium 114g (4 oz)

Two Little Fishies AquaStik Red Coralline Epoxy Putty for Aquarium 114g (4 oz)


Aquastik Coralline Red Epoxy was developed for use in marine reef tanks for attaching live corals. Its color blends with live rock and it is not toxic to fish, plants, and inverts. Cures on dry, damp, or underwater surfaces.


1.     Cut off required amount of AquaStick.

2.     Knead with dry fingers for one minute to achieve a uniform color (for people with sensitive skin gloves should be worn).

3.     Apply to surface within two minutes of kneading. The mixed epoxy doesn’t have high bond strength at this point, but it stiffens in 5 minutes, hardens in 20 minutes and totally cures in 24 hours. Put unmixed portion back in tube for later use.

4.     Use of large amounts may temporarily cause protein skimmer to foam excessively. Turn off skimmer for 36 hours after use.

Fixing branchy corals to rocks: Surround the base with putty and press into a small hole in the stone. For gorgonians: Clean about one inch of live tissue off the woody skeleton at the base of the stem. Cover the exposed portion with enough epoxy to hold the specimen firmly when placed into a hole in the rock. Push excess putty into the hole and around the stem to secure it into position.

Attaching flat and massive corals: Use with plastic rods to form more structured bonds. Insert rods into holes in the live rock and coral and surround with putty. Use in combination with CorAffix adhesive to secure large corals. Form an impression of its base by pushing the coral into a mound of freshly mixed AquaStik attached to live rock, then carefully taking away the coral. After the putty hardens, glue the coral into the impression with CorAffix.


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